The Voice

Here’s a story on audiobook narrators from last Friday’s New York Times. It’s called “The Voice,” and its main interest is in how the speaker’s voice affects the experience of listening to an audiobook. As anyone who has listened to a book knows, a narrator can make you fall in love with a book or make you gag.

The story’s author, John Schwartz, mentions a few narrators he’s enjoyed over the years: Jill Tanner, Kate Reading, Edward Herrmann, Grover Gardner, Robin Sachs, and others. Some of these narrators (like Jim Dale) will be familiar; others (like Wil Wheaton from the film “Stand By Me”) you’ll want to give a chance to win you over. The piece ends with an amusing anecdote about converting the novelist Gary Shteyngart to the spoken word.

Here’s a link to the story: “The Voice.”

Schwartz has written about audiobooks for the Times before. I’ll link to his other articles in a future post.

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